Proverb for the Day 29:22 — Emotionally Barfing All Over Everyone!

An angry person stirs up conflict, and a hot-tempered person commits many sins.

Anger is the focus for the two parallel statements of this wise saying. While we probably don’t learn anything new from this verse, it does help us understand certain people or situations.

“An angry person stirs up conflict” is something we probably know very well. But we need to apply this truth when we deal with angry people – they will stir things up, whether on purpose or by accident.

“A hot-tempered person commits many sins” is understood as basically the same person. But their activities are not accidental here. These are deliberate sinful choices – probably self-centered and hurtful to others.

One of the big problems with anger is that it can’t be focused. While I may be mad at you, my nasty emotions spill out and all over anyone nearby. I just sort of emotionally “barf” all over everyone else!

So, what can I do with this verse?

First, realize with whom I am dealing and, thus, expect certain outcomes.

Second, be prepared to respond appropriately (or, like me, regroup after initially responding poorly!).

Third, plan to help others who either are the direct recipient of this anger or those who just represent collateral damage.

Finally, the reason those folks are so angry is because they aren’t happy in the inside. Be there to offer them a better way and point them to some answers.