Proverb for the Day Chapter 9 — You’re Invited!

Lady Wisdom (:1-12) is mentioned as having a house with seven hewn pillars (:1). From archaeology we know this building.

It was the standard Israelite house plan beginning in Solomon’s time and lasting all the way to the Exile. Like Lady Wisdom’s house, these houses were also built with pillars, but usually in symmetrical rows.

So the number seven here is symbolic, suggesting completion or perfection. In this house – “perfect” in every way – Lady Wisdom prepares a banquet meal (:2).

There should be no doubt that hers would also be a perfect banquet. Then, Lady Wisdom sends out her maidens to invite the “perfect” guests (:3) for her perfect banquet at her perfect house.

The invitation goes out from the highest point of the city (:3), suggesting it is announced for all to hear. The guests who receive this “perfect” invitation (:4-6) are a specific group.

Lady Wisdom wants “those who are simple and lack judgment” (:4) – or, at least, the ones willing to admit that’s who they are! Just come to my house and partake of what I have here. You won’t leave the same person you were when you arrived (:5-6).

Verses 7-12 offer additional proverbial insights and instruction. Those who hang with Lady Wisdom will really learn how to live!

Now meet Lady Folly (:13- 18), who also has a house (:14). She, too, calls out from the highest place in the city (:14-15).

No surprise, Lady Folly invites the exact same guests – “those who are simple and lack judgment”
(:16). She also offers a “meal” – stolen waters and food eaten in secret (:17).

The final commentary on her is the last verse of the chapter. Her guests have no idea that her place is where the dead stay and that her guests are in the depths of the grave (:18).

Helping Up Mission guys know Lady Folly’s house and realize they’re fortunate to have escaped alive! They also know they have a standing invitation to Lady Wisdom’s house.

You’re invited, too! Every day…one day at a time!