Back To School…For Dad!

Jamar, 37, came to Helping Up Mission 2 months ago. He’s a bright, focused, motivated, spiritual guy and, now that he’s clean and thinking clearer, is making some changes.

He got off track way back in high school and actually left school in the 10th grade. His problem certainly wasn’t intelligence. He just got distracted by drugs, and all their baggage, along the way.

Jamar knew he should get his GED and tried a couple of times over the years. But life kept showing up and he never even got around to sit for the exams.

So, once he made the commitment to do our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program – and found out we help guys earn their high school diplomas – he was all in! Jamar’s even been doing prep work in math for a month, waiting for the fall semester to begin.

Now off the black-out period of our Program, this past weekend, Jamar visited his 13-year old son, Jamal, who starts 7th grade this week. Dad felt good about the visit and their talk.

Jamar told his boy that he was going back to school, too. In fact, he told Jamal that he is his motivation to finish!

Dad had done the math and figures he will be able to receive his high school diploma about the same time he will graduate from our Spiritual Recovery Program next June.

Both guys are planning to support and encourage each other as they do their work each week. You know, this just might be a great school year!

But we all know how it will get done…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director