Movin’ On Up!

I’ve known Aaron almost four years and have actually told parts of his story here a couple of times. But life continues and so the story goes.

Aaron was an alcoholic in his mid-twenties when he arrived at Helping Up Mission. He has a Biblical background and wanted to get clean but just couldn’t.

He joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program and appreciated all that he was learning and what was happening in his life. But, at six months, he decided he could take just one drink – I guess he thought he’d earned it!

Well, Aaron wound up leaving our Program – but returned as soon as he was able. And this time, there was no turning back!

Aaron graduated from our Spiritual Recovery Program and continued living and working here on campus. He also started attending Faith Theological Seminary and began working on an undergraduate degree in theology.

He’s now a sophomore and loves what he is doing, including a part-time job he got at the school.

Last spring, after calling HUM home for three years, Aaron moved into some housing connecting to the seminary. Last week, the seminary helped his get another job off campus with better income.

I get to see him occasionally at the seminary. Aaron’s such a different young man than I first met almost four years ago.

It’s a miracle! But, if there really is a God, this is exactly what you’d expect Him to do!

Still One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director