Nurse Mickey!?!?

Arriving on campus this morning, Mickey came over to talk. He was heading off to college and just wanted to give me an update.

Mickey’s been battling addiction for over 2 decades. Only 34, he’s had interests and dreams but was just never about to get anywhere with any of them because of his drug use.

He came to Helping Up Mission last November because he didn’t have any other better options. Bright, mouthy, opinionated, direct with his words and fun-loving, Mickey always made my classes interesting!

I liked him, but I was certain he wouldn’t sit still and I couldn’t imagine he might stay long enough to accomplish much. I never dreamed he might finish our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program.

Well, it’s August and November isn’t too far away, and Mickey’s still here!

As soon as he was eligible, Mickey started college. He always wanted to, but his addiction and insecurities always kept him from it.

Mickey also knew what he wanted to study – nursing! But I just knew he wasn’t college material!

Yet, there he goes – every day – off to class. His grades are good and, apparently, his professors think he’s pretty good, too!

But Mickey’s not satisfied with that. Now he’s talking about medical school!

You know, I just might start believing…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director

While Mickey said again today that he’s not a Christian, he also pointed out to me that there definitely is a God.