Proverb for the Day 18:6 — Probaby Best If You Don’t Say That!

The lips of fools bring them strife, and their mouths invite a beating.

So many verses in Proverbs talk about words – good and bad ones. This wise saying is about some bad ones!

Here it is the words of “fools” that produce some poor results. Among the most prominent characters in Proverbs, “the lips of fools” and “their mouths” sure can create lots of drama and trauma.

In this case it is “strife” and “a beating” that comes to fools as a result of things they have said. While their words can be hurtful to others, in this verse they bring it all on themselves.

The Bible is full of reminders about the powerful impact our words can have. God keeps saying it because we keep needing to hear it!

Based on this Proverb, here at Helping Up Mission, I like to ask guys in class…

“How many have gotten shot, stabbed or beaten up because of your mouth?” Generally 40% of the class puts their hands up.

“How many have been arrested because of your mouth?” About a 50% response.

“How many have lost jobs because of your mouth?” Over 70% to the affirmative.

“How many have ruined a really good relationship because of your mouth?” Over 90%!

Like the guys at HUM, my problem is that my mouth keeps relapsing! But, I’m going to work on it today. How about you?