Terrance Owed His Drug Dealer Money!

Terrance, in his 50s, is a smart guy with a Business Management degree from Towson University. He’s had some good jobs, nice things and meaningful relationships.

But addiction led to Terrance losing everything – a couple times!

But he still wasn’t ready to do anything about it…until his drug dealer wouldn’t sell him anything more, because he said T already owed him money!

The smart guy he was, Terrance couldn’t believe he couldn’t remember anything about it. So he decided he was going down-hill fast and needed to get help.

That’s what brought him to Helping Up Mission last November. I remember when he arrived. Terrance enthusiastically embraced what we were doing here.

He appreciated every opportunity that came his way here. Consequently, Terrance walked around our campus feeling pretty good about himself and his life.

Now clean and focused, Terrance invested himself in whatever he was doing. His daily work therapy duties here kept us in regular contact, so I watched as he fulfilled his daily responsibilities.

He had a good work ethic and it was important for Terrance to do his best every day – regardless of the job he was doing. I saw this college grad clean toilets with a good attitude!

This week, after 9 months, Terrance gratefully accepted a job in the community again.

As a college graduate, he could have held out for something in his field – but he didn’t. I doubt it will be long before he’s recognized for his work ethic and skills there, too. Neither would I be surprised to hear that Terrance even earned a promotion in the near future.

It’s been a joy watching Terrance in process. Wonder what that drug dealer would think now!