Our Oldest Guy!

For over a decade, the average age of men in our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program is 39. Pete, at age 74, is the oldest guy – maybe the oldest guy in our Program, ever!

One of those early cocaine users, in 1980, Pete’s continued to struggle with it until last year – although he did do 9 years clean till 2012. He was even House Manager at a Ex-Offender Reentry Program during that time.

A functional addict, Pete always worked and had a place to live. A plumber, off and on for decades, he also spent 12 years doing health care for a life-long friend. Pete last worked full-time – plumbing – at 68!

But when now-old Pete relapsed, he suffered a cocaine-induced heart attack. Afterwards, his daughters brought him to the Baltimore area to be near them.

Here at HUM, Pete settled in well appreciating the spiritual focus. This week he told me, “This is the first time I’ve ever been satisfied with my lot in life!”

“I feel like I have a new life and am glad to be back in church again. It all just feels real good.”

Pete’s ex-wife, also a believer, is so happy for him. She calls him every morning from SC.

When he came here, Pete gave her his SS card and she sends his an “allowance!” While he’s always spent whatever he had, she says he’s now saved a couple thousand dollars!

Post-heart attack, the old guy says he’s done with drugs and wants to continue developing in his daily spiritual walk. He’s doing nicely on both accounts today.

Pete’s also addressing other health issues here – including new teeth. They should be ready when he graduates in February!

The Golden Years are shining on this old addict and Pete’s appreciating every day!

Another Old Guy Appreciating One Day at a Time, Too!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director