Proverb for the Day 20:9 — Neither Is Yo Momma!

Who can say, “I have kept my heart pure; I am clean and without sin”?

The question of this proverb is a rhetorical one which really needs no answer. Yet, to be perfectly clear…the answer is a resounding “no one!”

Repeatedly the Bible points out that none of us “have kept my heart pure” or that we could possibly claim “I am clean and without sin.” Not even your momma!

Seeing myself as I really am is a starting point for eternal salvation, a daily spiritual walk and recovery from any chemical addiction or compulsive behavior.

While there are eternal and immense spiritual benefits for getting this honest, there’s another practical every day benefit for seeing myself as I really am. Everyone else in the room already knows it’s true about me…they’ve just been waiting for me to admit it!

It’s particularly true with the American public today. We’re so used to being lied to – by politicians, athletes, religious leaders, the media – that we’ll almost fall in love with anyone who just tells us the truth about themselves!

So, the best street cred any of us can ever have is to just be honest about ourselves and our decisions with the appropriate people. Obviously we don’t say everything to everyone, but there should be a willingness on our part to just tell the truth about what’s going on.

I first heard this spiritual principle years ago – confess private sins privately, personal sins personally and public sins publicly.

Such honesty is liberating and empowering. It also gains us the respect of others.