Got To Give It Away To Keep It!

John has been at Helping Up Mission for close to three months. A guy with quite a bit of experience in both recovery and church ministry, he has just had trouble staying clean year after year.

The pastor of John’s church brought him here and from the first day he arrived, I could see his interest in spiritual things and desire to get back on track. Over the weeks it has also become clear that John has a real heart to help others in Jesus’ name.

Now that he’s off our initial blackout period, John is back to regular service at his church and one of the things he is most passionate about is helping the poor and homeless in our community. This past weekend they provided food and warm clothing in a particular community.

Residents in the community also joined in to do what they could to help, too. It was a feel-good experience.

One of the folks John saw there was a guy he knew from Helping Up Mission, but he had been gone for a month or so. This weekend that brother was looking pretty rough.

John gave him something to eat and tried to find him a warm coat but he was a large man and nothing really fit him. But, then, one of the residents in that community – a big fellow, himself – stepped up and gave John’s friend his own coat and set the big fellow off with a good word!

I know John loves his church and his pastor – but that was probably the best sermon John saw or heard on Sunday. I bet big Doug won’t forget it, either!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director