Proverb for the Day 25:23 — This Doesn’t Feel…Or Sound…So Good!

Like a north wind that brings unexpected rain is a sly tongue—which provokes a horrified look.
This ancient wise saying talks about “a north wind that brings unexpected rain.” Such an event in the Holy Land would have been quite unusual. 
An “unexpected” situation like this is here compared to “a sly tongue which provokes a horrified look.” “A sly tongue” is a “covered” or “hidden” tongue and suggests words which are not honest, open or clear.

Such a secretive message, when really known, “provokes a horrified look” – especially when it’s not expected (like that “unexpected rain”). This “look” is emotionally-charged, but the term doesn’t necessarily suggest good or bad emotions.

Admittedly, the original word order of this verse leads to other translations. That includes “a horrified look brings a sly tongue” – but that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic!

Either way, this wise saying is about surprises that pop up in our lives. They may bring good or bad things with them but, when they show up, they do tend to elicit strong reactions.

As we commit ourselves to being the person we should be, it’s wise to be prepared, as much as possible, for the unexpected to show up in our lives – because it will come! Otherwise we’ll find ourselves with uncomfortable feelings, and maybe even inappropriate words or actions, about things we can’t control.

I’m not in charge today and it’s really okay. I don’t need to be – because I know Who is!