Nodding Out Around The Campfire!

Trevor, 32, and his family have an annual camping tradition. He’s been going with them for years, but would regularly slip away into the woods to get off by himself and shoot up.

They knew of his habit, and could tell that he used when he kept nodding out at the evening campfire! But, at least they knew where he was and felt like it was safer having him with them.

Last summer Trevor wound up at Helping Up Mission and joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. He was really tired of living this way and decided he really wanted to get help.

A nice, thoughtful and spiritually-minded guy when he’s not using, Trevor got settled in here pretty quickly. He’s conscientiously been working on his spiritual recovery – and it’s been working for him!

So last weekend was the annual family camping trip and he was able to go. It was the first time he could remember not running off into the woods for a while to get high!

Not nodding off this year, Trevor said he enjoyed the discussions around the campfire with everyone. They could see the difference, too!

After the weekend was over, Trevor shared in class how good it felt making right choices. It will continue to feel good, as he continues to just do the next right thing…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director