Proverb for the Day 12:7 — Taking The Long View!

The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous stands firm.

Once again “the wicked” and “the righteous” square off in Proverbs. This wise saying is a simple statement of truth about both and a promise from God.

Because of their own decisions and choices, “the wicked are overthrown and are no more.” While not mentioned in the verse, it is very possible that God is to be understood as having actively intervened in their lives.

But it is not at all inconceivable that what happens to the “wicked” is nothing more than the natural result of their own inappropriate decisions and/or decisions of their associates.

For “the righteous,” on the other hand, “the house…stands firm.” When one’s ways please the LORD, we just know good things will happen. Such a lifestyle creates a firm foundation upon which one can solidly build something that will stand firm.

I suggest this verse is looking at life over the long-haul. It may take a while for the wheels to fall off for the wicked, but that day will come. And the firmly-grounded house of the righteous also suggests a long view of things.

Yet, it’s very important for us to keep this truth in focus on a daily basis. If it is true – and God says it is – then we should live every day knowing this is where it will ultimately lead to in the end.

Our wise saying is both good encouragement and a stern warning about this life. And how we do today – here and now – is simply setting us up for eternity!