32 Years Old — 16 Years of Programs, Jails, Halfway Houses & Living on the Street!

Tim, 32, is from Philadelphia and has struggled with chemical addiction for 16 years. He’s genuinely wanted to stay clean, but continued to struggle.

Four in-patient programs, two out-patient programs, numerous incarcerations, even more halfway houses and many nights living on the street later – Tim was still struggling. Someone who knew Helping Up Mission encouraged him to come here, so he did.

At 5 months in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program he was eligible to go to work. Shortly his paycheck became Tim’s new Higher Power and he started with a few beers.

One month later cocaine and heroin led him away from both his job and HUM. But still wanting to get clean and, back in Philly, Tim got back into another halfway house.

Yet life showed up again and he relapsed again. After two overdoses in one week, Tim decided to come back to HUM.

Back here, his counselor here asked Tim about his goals and he said:
1. Stay clean
2. Own his own business
3. Get a dog!

This time he chose he not go to work until the year was over. Tim wanted to practice a habit of living clean and felt having money was an obstacle to that.

At graduation, Tim had been clean 12 months, got a job, moved out and bought a dog! But drug use all around on the first job…a not steady paycheck at a second job…and for his third job – Tim started his own business!

With a construction background, Tim always wanted his own home improvement company and this felt like the right time. He started and has worked every day since!

Meeting Tim today, it’s hard to believe that this quiet unassuming guy once lived the life he did. But that’s what chemicals can do to a guy.

And what’s happened to him since shows what God can do for a guy!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director