Proverb for the Day 12:8 — How Do You Like Me Now?!?!

A person is praised according to their prudence, and one with a warped mind is despised.

This proverb is about the response of others to our character. There is the person with “prudence” and there is the person “with a warped mind.”

While I think we all could use a little counseling, some are sicker than others!

Either way, people are going to respond to what they see and hear from us. In this verse, one “person is praised” and another is “despised” based on how they interact with others.

But the answer is not to put up a better front so I look or sound better in other people’s eyes. The happiest and most secure folks in the world are those who are able to be themselves and live their lives in such a way that others “praise” them.

The difference is in our character – how we really think. Here, the characteristic that is so appreciated is “prudence” – a quality of good thought processes akin to wisdom.

“A warped mind” is one with a heart that is wicked and self-centered. Their thinking and lifestyle offers little of value to others and, consequently, they are “despised.”

Then, on top of all this talk about what others think of me — there is God…and what He thinks of my attitudes and actions!

Being the person I was created to be will cause others to appreciate me; I’ll feel good about myself; and, best of all, I will be one in whom He is well pleased!”