Focus on Recovery – Bryan Modecki

Spiritual recovery is the focus of our 12-month residential program here at Helping Up Mission. We believe a spiritual encounter with the God of the Bible is the best thing a man can do to find empowerment over chemicals and change his life.

Yet, to develop self-sufficiency in long-term recovery, there are plenty of other things guys need to address while they’re here, as well. Two critical aspects of that process are education and employment.

While men who need high school diplomas start working on that early in our program, the opportunity to go to college, trade schools or employment comes in the final phase of their year here.

Bryan’s story illustrates the process. He’d earned his high school diploma while incarcerated, but the only job he ever had was selling drugs on the street. New job skills were a priority in his spiritual recovery!

For Bryan, it was culinary school in the final part of his year here. Then, after his HUM graduation, he chose to continue living on campus as he finished his education. Now, Bryan’s also added his first real job to the mix!

These days Bryan calls HUM home – it’s where he’s learning to become the man he was created to be!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director