It’s Really Cold Outside…Now I’m Ready To Start Trying!

On New Year’s Eve, Joey had just come back into the building from outside and said, “It’s really cold outside!”

Thirty years old, he’s been here at Helping Up Mission in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for about 3 weeks. Smart and capable, alcohol has kept him from settling down into a career and being able to live any like a smart and capable guy his age should be able to live.

So that morning Joey had been out at an appointment we set up for him to begin addressing the necessary issues to regroup his life. From head to toe, he explained all the layers of clothing he was wearing – and was still cold!

But Joey was really glad to be back inside the warm building, and lunch was just being served. He was feeling pretty good at that moment.

He continued to say to me that he hadn’t really taken things seriously his first couple of weeks here – guess he didn’t think I noticed! But that trip outside in the winter cold was a moment of clarity for Joey!

He noted that he had no place to go if he had to leave HUM that day. Joey also told me about his family business and the opportunities for the future, if he could just stay clean.

Then he said, “I haven’t really paid attention in class…but I would like your help to start catching up on some things!”

Man, I love my job!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director