Proverb of the Day 9:16 — Whose House You Going To Visit?

“Let all who are simple come in here!” she says to those who lack judgment. 

This verse is part of an extended poetic wise saying. Here Lady Folly (or the Foolish Woman; see :13) invites to her house for a meal the same people Lady Wisdom invited earlier in the chapter – the Hebrew text of 9:16 is identical to 9:4.

The message here is very clear. Both Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly are out there in the streets and they are both talking to the same guys – “all who are simple” and “those who lack judgment.” They both invite these same guests to come to their homes and dine.

But the motivations of these two ladies is diametrically opposite, as is the end result for their guests. These who have been invited have the opportunity to choose which way they want to go.

Both Wisdom and Folly regularly offer an invitation for us to visit them, as well. We have to make the same decision as the folks in this chapter.

And the reality is – we have to make such choices every single day. So, just for today, which lady are you going to hang with?!?!