Focus on Recovery – Charles Kent

By Tom Bond, Director of Programs

Charles speaks in his testimony about what we on staff here call the famous four, which are the words almost every person utters the first time they visit the mission: “I Had No Idea”. Many people formulate an idea in their head that the Mission will be dark and depressing, when in fact Helping Up Mission is bright and brimming with hope.

Charles didn’t come here to just get clean; he came to reclaim his life. There is a huge difference between being abstinent from chemicals and being engaged in Spiritual Recovery. It’s not just about staying clean and sober; It’s about transformation and living the life God always intended for you.

Helping Up Mission offers men the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture of Christian love and support for up to five years, and delivers back into the community men who are disciples of His grace. We do this through programs designed to rebuild the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of every man who walks through our doors. I urge you to call and schedule a time to take a tour of our campus. Then we can hear YOU utter the famous four!