February 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

Your prayers, gifts and support provide faith-based help for 500 men struggling with poverty, homelessness and addiction. No matter how small or large your investment, it helps men out of deep despair and gets them to that positive faith place where they can withstand the tests of life.

To overcome many years of chemical addiction and to experience a reasonably happy life without drugs requires power greater than that of addiction. That is where faith in Jesus Christ comes in.

The HUM Board of Directors recently approved six core values for all Directors and Staff to live by. First on the list is the affirmation that we are Christian. As such, we are Christ-centered and follow Biblical principles of grace, love and service.

People of all faith and of no faith are in our programs. We do not force faith but we do give all the opportunity to come to know Christ and experience the benefits He can bring into life.

Offering faith is what makes HUM different, in the best of ways, from many other good social organizations. It’s what many homeless and addicted people are looking for and why they come to HUM for help. “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God”, are the words of Jesus. Simply put, the Spiritual man/woman in us all must be fed, or the deepest part of our personality will starve.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and gifts to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the 500 men at HUM.


Robert K. Gehman Executive Director

P.S. Your financial help is greatly needed to care for the needs of 500 men every day during the cold winter months. Thank you for doing what you can!