Chuck’s Representing!!!

As I was entering our building this morning, Charles was heading out to work. A thoughtful older guy, he was always quiet in class – but smiled a lot!

When Charles did talk, it was obvious how grateful he was to God for the things that were happening in his life. A 2013 HUM grad, he now lives in graduate transitional housing here on campus and has been working at an adult day care facility for 18 months.

Charles loves what he does. This morning he was heading out to pick up 14 clients in a van he drives every weekday.

Once at the center, Charles also leads clients in group activities. He even leads a Bible study there, he told me with a big grin!

He got this job through Dick Annis-Forder, our HUM Vocational Coordinator. In fact, Charles was such a great employee, the center contacted Dick again – twice more – and now 3 HUM grads work there every day.

Charles paved the way for them to also have the opportunity for a meaningful job. Way to represent, Chuck!

One of the reasons I love coming to work is the privilege of regularly seeing ongoing results of what we do — 2 and 3 years out!

One Day at a Time…It Really Works!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director