For Joe – Third Time’s The Charm!

Joe first arrived here in 2011 for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. In his early 30’s, he’d battled alcohol addiction for years and wanted help.

He stayed 2 weeks shy of graduation. Already working, he went back home to help out the family. Joe stayed clean for almost another year…but never really did any serious recovery.

Those who know, understand the difference between just not using (clean time) and changing our old ways of thinking into new ones (recovery).

A smart guy, Joe utilized the structure and accountability here to stay clean. But he never seriously addressed the issues that caused him to use in the first place.

He didn’t start drinking alcohol again, but he started using methadone for a buzz. It wasn’t long before Joe was out of control again – this time on heroin.

He knew better and felt guilty – but kept using. He even returned to HUM – for 1 day! But unwilling to address issues, he rolled out.

In January 2014 Joe came back. Beaten up by his own choices, struggling with guilt and shame, he knew he needed something and he was also certain this was a place where he could find it.

Still, it hasn’t been easy for him to address those inner issues. Joe balked at it initially. But he also knew that facing and addressing his inner issues was still a better way to live than the alternative!

So, big surprise – when Joe did address emotions and motivations, he felt liberated and empowered in his recovery!

Now a graduate of our 1-year Program, today Joe willingly shares his experience, strength and hope with anyone who’ll listen. He’s also decided to quit jumping quickly into the next thing.

Living on campus in gradate transitional housing, he’s decides what is the right next step in his new way of life. Spiritual recovery really does work – if we will work it!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director