Proverb for the Day 10:18 — Pity The Fool Who…!

Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool
Once again the “fool” comes front and center in a wise saying. While sometimes translated as “stupid,” the Biblical term “fool” doesn’t suggest “mentally deficient.” Instead, it’s better understood as a man or woman who’s “morally deficient.”

In this verse, two of his (or her!) qualities are discussed. At first glance, “whoever conceals hatred with lying lips” might not sound like such a bad person.

But “concealing hatred” is never healthy. Hatred really needs to be faced, addressed and then let go – not concealed!

One who “spreads slander” is simply a person who “passes along a negative report” about someone else. Even if it’s true – and frequently it isn’t – this is not an appropriate way to go through life and it certainly isn’t good for meaningful relationships.

The “fool” of this verse is a person who isn’t honest about his or her own feelings and is very willing to pass along bad news about others. This is not a nice person to live, work or deal with.

It can’t be any fun being that person either…So let’s not be that person!