March 2015 – Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

Be sure to read Terrance’s story. His life story is not unique among the 500 men in residence at HUM. As you read it, imagine how as a HUM supporter, you are helping to save and transform someone’s life, every day of the week.

We keep using the phrase “saving and transforming lives” over and over, at the risk of it becoming old. But when you see the human face, and hear first-hand the story of one who was near death, and is now full of life, the phrase “saving and transforming lives” becomes fresh with meaning again. It seems to be the best way to describe the miracle.

Terrance was feeling so much emotional pain that he tried to take his own life. Today he feels fortunate and incredibly blessed to be alive and believes his life has been transformed in a way that he can sustain.

This life transformational change happens every day for hundreds of men dealing with many years of addiction, poverty, and homelessness at HUM, an organization you choose to support. I thank you for your support.

It’s a very simple deduction that, without your support, there would not be a long-term residential Spiritual Recovery Program for 500 men. Without such a program there would be little or no hope for the men we are now serving. Lives that are being saved would be lost.

Your March gifts are needed to provide a transformational Christian culture of faith, hope and love. When men are in such a culture long enough, the presence of Jesus has a spiritual effect that saves men like Terrance. Please give as generously as possible. We are expecting approximately 60 new men, who will enter the program during March. Your gifts will immediately go to work saving and transforming their lives!


Robert K. Gehman Executive Director