Michael’s Getting It Done!

Michael and I first met in 2008 at Helping Up Mission. He was 33 years old and his chemical addiction was out of control but he really didn’t want the kind of help we offered.

Like so many guys, if they just stay in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for a while, good things begin to happen. Michael did and started making some spiritual changes in his thinking – a completely new experience for him.

But, at some point, he decided he was better and moved on.

Michael returned in 2010. He hadn’t repudiated what he’d come to know here the first time and, now back, he picked up where he left off. He even made a little more progress in his recovery.

But Michael was ready to take it only so far and left again.

So, when he arrived here in March 2014, I was glad to see him again but wasn’t sure what to expect.

But Michael was a few years older and quite a bit wiser. He was quieter and not so full of himself. It seemed different.

As soon as he could, Michael enrolled in our high school diploma program here at Helping Up Mission. It was different!

He stayed…became an intern here…earned his high school diploma…and graduated from our one-year Program last Friday. He’s 40 now and a different guy.

I’m so happy for him….and so glad God didn’t give up on his as quickly as I did!