Finding Ourselves At Wabanna!

Last week HUM Spiritual Life Director Mike Rallo took 40-plus upper classmen from our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program to an overnight retreat at Camp Wabanna on the west shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Wabanna’s quiet and beautiful setting on the water, along with all the recreational opportunities they provide, made it a meaningful environment early in the morning, all through the day and into the evening.

There was plenty of good food and coffee with lots of sugar(!) supplied by Neil and his camp staff as well as great music provided by members of the HUM band and singers.

The retreat program was designed as a chance to get away from the noise and activity of Baltimore so each man could focus on things God is saying to him. It was a opportunity to take what is shared in the classroom here every day and — in a completely different venue — give guys time to think and make some choices.

There were group meetings throughout the day. While instruction was part of the program, the main event was having guys open up and share what God was saying to them now. There were some powerful and meaningful moments!

Plenty of recreational group activities was planned into the schedule, as well as appropriate free-time for other activities — individual or small group — like fishing, sitting around the coffee pot and talking, a short nap or just quiet alone-time on the camp grounds.

There was a bonfire one night and a talent show another. The guys built the fire too big(!) and the talent show was hilarious.

The reoccurring response was, “I didn’t know I could have this much fun and not be high.” It’s what we like to call “Spiritual Recovery — Helping Up Mission-style!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director