Proverb for the Day 14:5 — Who You Are Speaks Louder Than What You Say!

An honest witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies.

This wise saying is all about “witnesses.” A witness is someone who’s seen or heard something and this verse suggests two basic categories.
“An honest witness does not deceive.” This kind of witness is honest in their heart and, consequently, tells the truth about what they saw or heard. They will “not deceive/lie” (same word as “lies” in second line). 
“A false witness pours out lies.” This kind of witness isn’t “false” because he or she “lies.” They are dishonest in their heart and, consequently, they lie — and, possibly, think nothing of it!

Admittedly, this isn’t a news flash! Our verse simply states that what comes out of our mouths is based on what’s in our hearts.

We can count on people to be who they are! And, once we know who we are dealing with, we can know what to expect.

But…the good news is that people can change in their hearts! A “false witness” does not have to stay that way.

They can choose to change on the inside. And when they do — they won’t have to lie, any more!