Our Meeting At The Dumpster!

I ran into Jay at the dumpster after work yesterday. His job here is in our pantry and he was breaking up boxes for the dumpster as I was heading to my car.

Jay was 29 when we first met. He came to our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in late 2012. After struggled with drugs for years, he really wanted some relief.

But Jay decided he’d rather run his own program and left after 3 months. But his program – which still included using drugs – hadn’t worked so well and he showed up again only 3 months later.

Jay stayed 4 months this time. He still wasn’t ready to do what it was going to take to really change.

In November 2014, Jay returned here again. He was little more beat up by life and a little less full of himself than before.

Jay was also a little more willing to try what we were suggesting. So, at the dumpster, I asked him how it was going for him this time.

He had a smile as he said, “It’s really going pretty good. I’m not in a big hurry this time, just grateful for all I have today.”

To be honest, all he has today isn’t much when it comes to this world’s goods – but Jay had already tried that route!

Today he’s just grateful to be at Helping Up Mission, clean from drugs and reconnected to God. Jay also has a sense of God’s bigger plan for his life – and that brings him hope.

Spiritual recovery isn’t that complicated. But it is supernaturally life-changing – when a guy or gal is ready.

It works if we work it…if we’re willing to work it…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director