To His PO — “I Need Long-Term Recovery Or I’m Going To Die!”

Helping Up Mission’s Spiritual Recovery Program is designed to support a guy who wants to change his life. We attempt to help him connect to God, address the issues that cause him to continue using drugs or alcohol and regroup both career and relationships.

Of course, we know each man and God are ultimately the only ones who can make that happen, but we’re committed to being there to help – if and when a guy’s ready.

I admit that most men initially balk at our 12-month residential Program. Taking a year to focus on all these things just seems unreasonable to them. But not Jared!

He hasn’t been here very long, but has struggled with addiction for years. Today Jared says he really wants to get clean.

The last time he relapsed he went to see his Probation Officer and admitted it had happened again. He actually said to her, “I think I need long-term recovery or I’m going to die out here.”

His Probation Officer cared more about his finding help and getting better than about violating him and told Jared about Helping Up Mission. He showed up the next day.

To be honest, I don’t know how long Jared will stay here. Sometimes guys get to feeling better and think they’re “cured” or “delivered” and don’t have to work at recovery any longer.

If Jared leaves, he knows who he’ll have to face again. “Violation of probation” can be a pretty good motivator!

But recovery doesn’t have to be that hard! Just Honest, Open and Willing (HOW) before God…

…One Day at a Time!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director