April 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

Twelve new men arrive at Helping Up Mission (HUM) every week requesting help and an opportunity to enter to our one-year residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Their bodies, minds and spirits are painfully tired from living on the streets in active drug addiction for so many years.

Many men speak of a spiritual emptiness that can even be more painful than the physical. It comes from being disconnected from God, family and society. Homeless men experience deep loneliness and despair and often think of suicide and some attempt it. Drug addiction and homelessness is a hard life with hospital visits, jail and often an early grave.

Miraculously some 600 men find their way to HUM each year. Hospitals, jail mates, parole officers, word of mouth from friends, and churches all participate in directing men to HUM. I can’t prove it, but some stories are so unusual that I think God simply hears the call of a despairing person and sends an angel with a message.

Your prayers and gifts enable HUM to be here when the men arrive. You make help possible! Like Jesus, we can offer a similar invitation to his, “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest”. HUM is a place where 500 men are finding rest for their weary bodies, minds and spirits. In that rest, they are able to find God, unite with family and start a new meaningful way of living life without chemicals.

When you give to HUM you are truly a Good Samaritan and saving human lives, changing human lives, and making our Baltimore communities a better place for all.

Thank you,

Robert K. Gehman