Bill, His Daughter & His Grandson!

In class on Mondays we always share some good news from the weekend. Of course, this past weekend — on Sunday — the Baltimore City curfew was lifted and that was great news for all!

Bill, in his mid-forties, has been in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for three months. He’s struggled with alcohol for close to three decades!

He’s a real quiet guy, so I don’t really know him that well yet. Consequently, when he wanted to share something we all listened.

Bill has a grown daughter who’s a single mother raising a young son by herself. This past weekend she moved into a new place and dad was able to help her get things all set up.

In class he shared with us how he had not been there for her all those years. And how good it felt to be there now and doing things she really needed to get settled in the new place.

During the weekend they talked about the way things had been and how they were today. He really hadn’t been there like this before — which meant she’d learned to do it all on her own!

But she was relieved to see him clean, focused and caring. She was also grateful for the help!

Bill shared with us that they both agreed — while he hadn’t been there for her — they both wanted him there for his grandson. It felt almost like a second chance at life again for Bill!

In recovery, we all know that we must do this thing for ourselves! But it’s not a selfish commitment.

I do this for me — and that way I can be there for you! Because, really, that’s the person I did always want to be.

It will happen…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director