Keith Went To Court…Again!

Last week Keith went to the same courthouse on successive days for separate offenses. Guilty on both counts, they represented the natural consequences of life out-of-control on drugs.

While painful facing all he’s done, it’s getting easier for Keith to be honest about his addiction. Today he’s also beginning to feel empowered in knowing he doesn’t have to live that way anymore — and he’s not!

So Keith went to court before a judge he didn’t know — but the judge did know Helping Up Mission! After hearing Keith share his heart-felt apology to the victim, the judge had a short discussion with him about our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Finally, she said, “You can either go to jail or finish the 1-year program at Helping Up Mission.”

Keith chose HUM!

Next day he was back in the same courthouse. Sitting through the entire docket, his case was last.

Before it began Keith spoke with the DA and said, “I need to be honest about the amount of money I’m being charged with stealing. It’s incorrect — I actually took more!”

The DA was taken off guard, noting he didn’t remember this ever happening before! In the end, this judge considered Keith’s honesty and put him on probation, also ordering him to finish his Spiritual Recovery Program at Helping Up Mission.”

As Keith was leaving, the police officer assigned to that courtroom spoke to him in the hallway. Noting Keith’s actions and the court’s response, the 15-year veteran said he’d hardly ever seen anything like it!

Then they sat and talked, the officer sharing his own recovery story. I’ve been working with Keith for over 2 months, myself, and feel like his recovery is the real thing.

But, now, it just sort of feels official!

It will keep working for him…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director