Proverb for the Day 12:5 — Lined Up…Tuned In!

The plans of the righteous are just, but the advice of the wicked is deceitful

This wise saying of typical parallel Hebrew poetry offers probably the most common contrast in Proverbs — “the righteous” and “the wicked.”
To be “righteous” is to be lined up with the ways of God. This doesn’t come naturally for any of us, so we’ll need a spiritual awakening in order to live this way.
“The wicked” are just the opposite. Their thinking, choices and actions don’t line up with the ways of God — basically because they hadn’t experienced this spiritual awakening that could empower them to operate differently. 
So it’s no surprise to see where this wise saying’s going.

“Righteousness” is not as much about what we do (actions) as about who we are (attitudes). So “the plans of the righteous are just.” Their thinking processes “are just” — that is they decide things correctly. 

“The advice of the wicked” comes from their thinking, too. But it won’t be supernaturally-empowered and, thus, can’t be expected to offer appropriate guidance.
Yet, because their advice “is deceitful” from the core, it can’t be trusted at all. “The advice of the wicked” will not only be bad advice, it won’t even be founded in truth. 
The message of this verse involves understanding who we’re dealing with — someone operating in conjunction with the ways of God or doing their own thing.

BUT…it’s good to remember that, while “the righteous” have access to this supernatural direction, we don’t always access it. We still have the ability to think, say and do the dumbest stuff!

We can be lined up…but we also need to stay tuned in!