June 2015 – Focus On Recovery


“Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” These powerful words come from the book of romans in the 12th chapter.
“So, my mind is filled with pictures like get money, go use,” said Donnie, now in his 50th day at HUM.
“So, I was excited to go out after (45-day) blackout. Get moving some…breathe some real fresh air,” he said, reflecting on the weekend. “So my cousin calls me…says to come over. My niece and nephew were there. Had so much fun kicking a ball around, taking a hike…laughing hard…so hard…then..filled with good energy helped him build a deck…he gave me a few dollars for the work..”
Normally, Donnie’s pictures in the mind are filled with images…”Get money, go get drugs.”
“So I go around back to the house, pick up my niece and nephew…go get dinner and ice cream.” And, then he said with a big smile, “That is a much better picture in my mind…I’m gonna let that picture sit around in there and percolate a while…mmm…mmm….good.”
The goodness of a renewed mind, and the power to change the past.
Mike Rallo, Spiritual Life Director