Proverb for the Day 10:4 — I Could See This One Coming!

Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth

The “lazy” and “diligent” are frequently contrasted in Proverbs. The message of this wise saying is pretty straight forward, but extremely valuable.

“Lazy hands make for poverty” sounds like something my grandma probably said to me. It’s just common sense and a great truth.

“But diligent hands bring wealth” is the second-line contrast in this ancient proverb. Effort does produce results.

It should be noted that “wealth” doesn’t necessary mean rich, as we might think in 21st century America. But, being diligent, we’ll have enough and will do okay.

While “hands” are mentioned, it doesn’t specifically say whose. Apparently it doesn’t matter who I am, my level of education, my background or even where I come from. My effort — or lack thereof — will bring results.

The focus here is on personal responsibility!

God isn’t mentioned in this verse at all — because the emphasis is on our decisions and effort. But we can expect His blessings and empowerment as we commit ourselves to simply do what we understand to be the next right thing!