Proverb for the Day 21:15 — Justice…Joy or Terror!

When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers

This proverb is about “justice” and what it produces in the lives of different people. “Justice” is the translation for a legal Hebrew term of handling a case appropriately and rendering a correct verdict.

When that happens there’s “joy to the righteous.” Good people appreciate the process — even the verdict — if they believe it was done appropriately.

On the other hand, such a process and outcome is “terror to evildoers.” They’re working their own agenda and aren’t interested in truth or justice. In fact, it scares them!

While God’s not mentioned at all in this verse, we know where He stands on the subject — justice will prevail!

So we’d all do well to check out our own motivations and focus…and adjust, as necessary!