September 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

Your generous giving to HUM starts a chain of events that impacts hundreds of hurting children. These are children who have a daddy addicted to drugs and not present in their lives, and if they are present, they are not being helpful as fathers.

The last I checked our data, the 500 men at HUM that you are helping with your generosity are fathers of approximately 350 children. Some of the men carry photos of their children to remind them of the worthiness of fighting the good fight of spiritual recovery to overcome their own addiction, poverty and homelessness.

Kirk Wise, whose story is featured in this newsletter, has 4 children! As we work together as a HUM family making contributions of our time, talent and finances to help Kirk (and 500 others) remain sober, manage his life and be a good father, we are breaking the drug addiction cycle and impacting for good the next generation of families. There is a good God in heaven who observes and is pleased and truly blesses your good works.

I just want you to know that when you give today there begins a ripple effect that goes way beyond the 500 men in our present Spiritual Recovery Programs to the families of the next gene ration.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity this month to help people up and make Greater Baltimore a better place both now and in the future!

Thank you for giving!

God bless you all.

Robert K. Gehman Executive Director