Focus on Recovery – Kirk Wise

By Tom Bond, Director of Programs

I don’t even know where to start after reading Kirk Wise’ story. His story is clearly demonstrative of so many recovery concepts and ways that men get healthy at HUM.

But what really strikes me is this: Helping Up Mission is really a ministry comprised of multiple “mini ministries” – all working in harmony, opening doors and empowering men to find hope and healing as they rebuild their lives.

Kirk happens to be part of one ministry (Intern Training Program) and helps supervise two other ministries (HUM Choir & HUM Band) which are both overseen by Kim Lewis, one of our many board members who also wears a “volunteer hat” at HUM.

Kirk is also part of the Back on My Feet running team ministry. BOMF is part of a host of strategic community partners who operate synergistic and collaborative ministries on HUM’s campus.

If you pay a visit to HUM, which I strongly encourage, you will see this amazing “concert” of healing ministries all working together to provide life transformation for hundreds of men each year. And we all know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the grand conductor of this incredible symphony.