Getting High In A Church Basement…Not Cool!

Jamie stopped by my class yesterday. He first arrived at Helping Up Mission in May 2014 for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Prior to that, Jamie, his wife and two children lived for five months in a church basement. A wonderful act of love on the part of this church — Jamie and his wife continued to get high while living there.

Finally, in an act of “tough love” the church told them they’d have to leave. Jamie’s brother kept the children while Jamie and his wife both went to rehabs.

Jamie came to HUM because he heard we could help, but he had no idea about a 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. With no better options, he stayed.

Knowing his children were safe and his wife was also in a program, Jamie buckled down to work on his own recovery. A motivated guy, he started addressing the issues in his life which continued triggering his addiction.

When eligible to go to work — still living here and accountable to his peers and our staff — Jamie got a job and began assuming financial responsibility for the care of his children.

While his wife wasn’t doing quite so well, Jamie stayed the course. At one point, he even received a large check for past compensation from a job — that’s when most guys just roll out!

But Jamie didn’t. He took care of things for his wife and children and put the rest in the bank.

After graduating last May, Jamie found a place for him and his children to live. Although his wife didn’t join them, it’s feeling like a family again.

Jamie’s also doing well in a new job and even opened the door for three other HUM guys to join him there.

It does work…if we work it…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director