Hanging…With Those Guys, These Guys

Paul, 33, came to our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program 50 weeks ago, exhausted from multiple years of heroin addiction. Yet — even though alienated from family and homeless — he had no intention of staying here a year to work on recovery.

Consequently, he found those guys to hang with — guys who thought just like he did. But they didn’t last long…and Paul had to find someone else to spend time around.

He watched others here and saw some things he liked. At that point, Paul made a conscious choice to spend time with these guys.

They took him to NA meetings all over Baltimore. Paul also would up back in church. It all felt really good!

Paul’s mom was the first family member to reconnect. He didn’t tell her about clean time, how much he’d changed or even that he was sorry — he knew she’d heard it all so many time before that it wouldn’t mean anything!

They just talked…reconnected. And mom could tell — Paul had changed! She told his siblings and they started inviting him to hang out with them.

He’s even going to his sister’s wedding next month — unthinkable a year ago!

At his church Paul does weekly ministry for homeless folks in the community. He’s been so faithful, the church just gave him scholarship money for a certification that will be valuable in his career field.

After graduation from HUM, Paul will continue living on our campus. He’ll save money and also be sure to finish the mouthful of dental work he accessed while here.

Paul shared all this in class with the new guys last week. Afterwards, I asked what they heard — they said focus, patience and accountability.

Paul got it…hope they did, too!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director