He Was There All The Time…

At 59, Mac’s battled drugs and alcohol for decades. Now been clean and at Helping Up Mission for 8 months — as he remembers it — this is his longest continued clean time since age 15!

Attending quite a few AA meetings over the years…Mac hadn’t been able to put it into practice. Never a church guy, Mac didn’t really know what spiritual empowerment might look like.

On top of that, he had a good career and did okay for himself. I’m not sure he even felt like he needed a Higher Power!

So, when he joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recover Program last January, Mac had plenty of 12 Step-knowledge — but not much 12 Step-experience. Yet, with no place else to go, he decided to settle in for the long run.

A few months into this process, Mac had a real spiritual encounter with the God of the Bible — the God behind the 12 Steps. He began experiencing some of that spiritual empowerment he’d never known before.

He also began understanding the 12 Steps better and they really started working for him! He’s particularly noted how God’s been with him all along — and has his back right now, too.

Because of his work history, Mac’s already in retirement mode, although he does have plans for some future part-time work that’s meaningful to him.

Staying here, Mac’s also been able to get all his dental problems solved. His smile today just reflects his spiritual experience over the past 8 months!

So this retired old guy’s got a plan…to spend the bulk of his time working with his church and AA. He wants to pass along his spiritual empowerment that comes from a personal encounter with God and the experience, strength and hope of the 12 Steps.

Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director