Locked Himself Out & Very Drunk…

Steve wound up in jail with a court order not allowing him back home — all because he went out on his porch for a cigarette…while very drunk!

Realizing he’d locked himself out, Steve demolished the door to get back in. Then, when the neighbors called the police, he took them on, too!

During his 4 weeks in jail, a guy told him about Helping Up Mission. After a friend posted bail for him and almost a month not drinking or smoking weed, Steve started thinking more clearly and knew he had to make some changes.

Admittedly, he wasn’t interested in going to a “mission” and tried to talk himself out of coming here. But, estranged from family, Steve didn’t really have any other options — and it was January in Baltimore!

Arriving with an attitude — but no place else to go — Steve joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. From the beginning he could embrace the spiritual principle of his own powerlessness…and he was open to experiencing God’s empowerment in his life.

Steve continued feeling better — physically and mentally. Estranged loved ones began reconnecting. While some relationships have permanently changed, they started interacting on an appropriate new level as everyone’s moving forward.

Steve had great skills and a good job in the past…and has been able to use all that here as part of his daily work therapy responsibilities. So now, after 8 months at HUM, he’s testing the waters to see if doing his old job sober might be meaningful to him in the future.

But he also is considering something new — like getting some training to work in the helping professions.

It’s a new day and a new Steve…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director