Loves Jesus…But Can’t Stop Drinking!

I’ve never met John, but we’ve been talking on the phone with Joe for over a week. He’s been wrestling with his alcohol addiction…and losing!

I got to know of John through a ministry friend of mine who is John’s sponsor and spiritual mentor.

John made it clear to me that he’s had a spiritual encounter with Jesus and really loves Him. But, he also admitted he just can’t stop drinking, either.

In a drunken stupor he verbalized he wanted me to help him…but he also really wanted to do it on his own terms!

So I, rather firmly, “tough loved” the brother into detox at my wife’s hospital. In fact, he went to her unit for treatment.

When John called me from there he sounded like a different guy. We’d never talked when he wasn’t intoxicated. He’s supposed to show up at Helping Up Mission today.

I know John wants help…and I know Jesus will help him. But I also know John will have to decide every day whose help he will reach for that day — Jesus or anything else!

It’s Always and Only…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director