Horse, Battle, Victory…Not! Proverb for the Day 21:31

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD

After noting there’s no wisdom, insight or plan that can succeed AGAINST the LORD (:30), this proverb’s pretty clear that there’s only one way to victory — “WITH the LORD.”

“The horse made ready for the day of battle” is featured here. It’s the first of only two “horse” references in Proverbs (see also 26:3).

In Solomon’s day, horses were used primarily for warfare — pulling war chariots, in particular. In fact, it was only during the time of David and Solomon that we see much evidence of men actually riding horseback in the ancient Near East.

Interestingly, David didn’t seem to appreciate horses and chariots (he hamstrung captured enemy chariot horses; see 2 Samuel 8:4; 1 Chronicles 18:4). But Solomon did and utilized both (1 Kings 10:26; 2 Chronicles 1:14).

That makes this proverb meaningful. Attributed to Solomon, who appreciated the value of horses (and chariots), he indicates they’re still not the answer.

All the horses “made ready for the day of battle” will never be enough. With all the military resources Solomon had at his disposal, he knew “victory rests with the LORD.”

With whatever we’re going to be battling today, may we be just as certain!