A Beautiful Mess

I first heard this phrase in few years ago…applied to something close to me! I wasn’t sure if I should feel disrespected or embrace the idea.

Checking where it originated, I found “A Beautiful Mess” was the title of a 2008 song by Jason Mraz. Of course, he was talking about his relationship with a girl!

I heard “A Beautiful Mess” in a 2011 play at the Community College of Baltimore County in Essex. The played was entitled “H.U.M.”

Based on the volunteer experience of Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech Carl Fruendel and his family at Helping Up Mission, it told the story of their experiences — for over a year — as they volunteered in our kitchen and dining room.

Fruendel, who wrote and directed the play, had his characters — on more than one occasion — describe HUM as “a beautiful mess.”

And anyone who knows us would agree with both that characterization and sentiment!

So, on my way to work every morning for the past two weeks, I’ve been greeted by 2014 HUM grad Edward — on a billboard along I-395 right in front of M&T Bank Stadium!

And apparently he’s been getting around these days…people say they’ve spotted him along other major thoroughfares leading into Baltimore, too!

In October 2013, Edward was released from jail and went right back to the streets — homeless and using again.

Then God brought him to Helping Up Mission — two years ago this week!

He graduated our Spiritual Recovery Program in October 2014 and is a graduate Intern here. At 42, he’d never held a “legal” job!

While here, Edward accessed dental care and now has a mouthful of new teeth…and he’s also legally welcome again in the state of New York!

As I think about it…he’s a poster child for “A Beautiful Mess” — and HUM.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director