Tom Would Have Graduated Today…

Tom joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program one year ago…and he would have graduated today!

When he arrived at Helping Up Mission in October 2014, Tom describes himself as “broken.” Relationships, career — everything about his life — was off kilter and he didn’t think it could ever be repaired.

Tom, 29, was a bright, capable, industrious young man who was already established as an electrician. Prospects for his future were bright.

But drugs changed everything. And with no idea what else to do, Tom showed up at HUM.

From the beginning, he seemed a lot more focused than most guys his age. Outgoing and fun, Tom did seem to be on a mission.

We had quite a few talks and it seemed pretty clear to me that he was grasping this spiritual recovery concept. He got a 12 Step home group and found a local home church — both new activities for Tom.

When eligible in our program to go back to work he did. I saw him occasionally, we had good talks and Tom communicated he was staying the course on his spiritual recovery and his life.

But he left our Program a couple of months ago, moving closer to work.

On Wednesday Tom had a job nearby HUM and stopped. He was all smiles as he thanked me for all that’s happened in his life since arriving here one year ago this week.

Still clean, still active in 12 Steps and church, Tom said just can’t believe he could enjoy life this much without chemicals.

Today would have been Tom’s graduation day…he won’t be graduating.

But Tom came to HUM because he needed to change…and that’s what happened! He is one of our success stories!

It works…if we work it…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director