Focus on Recovery – Darius Tabrizi

By Gary Byers, Deputy Director

Helping Up Mission is full of guys—500 of them! Tall and short, skinny and plump, smart and not-so-much, nice and…well, working on it! The vast majority of the men who spend each night on our campus are in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program or grads living in our graduate transitional housing.

Those guys average 40 years of age, 18 years of addiction and 3 years of incarceration—it’s a rough and tumble bunch. Darius Tabrizi fits right in. While a “mere child” at 34 years, he did manage 10 years of addiction and 3 years of incarceration.

Like so many guys here, Darius also had a genuine spiritual encounter with Jesus. But, like so many, he also continued to struggle with his recovery.

But Darius is a fighter and keeps battling back. In fact, he just got word he’s been given a reprieve on his vocational training coursework and grant-funding. If all goes well, Darius will finish that program the same day he graduates from Helping Up Mission. Wahoo!