October 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all you are doing (prayers, volunteerism and financial gifts) to help make HUM a strong helping organization. All of us, together through God’s grace, are doing amazing work and helping so many people get through deep troubles of addiction, poverty and homelessness.

Our culture in Baltimore and most major cities across the country has a growing chemical addiction problem causing serious disruption at all levels of society. Every week, 12 new men enter our doors requesting enrollment in our programs. Thank God, because of YOU, we can give them the help they need to nourish their bodies, souls and spirits for an extended period of time for their lives to be transformed.

Read the amazing story of the journey of Darius from childhood pain, a life of drugs and crime, and now God’s amazing grace is living in him, transforming his life. Five-hundred men at HUM are having similar experiences.

Through all of us, God is truly changing lives at HUM, and blessing us with his favor. Now its up to us to continue to make ourselves available to give what we can now, to keep HUM strong, so help for those in need is available when they walk through the doors during this fall.

Remember, your gifts this month will bring help and healing to the lives of broken men and build a better Baltimore! Thank you for helping.

With Gratitude,

Robert K. Gehman Executive Director