We First Met Almost 10 Years Ago…

This week I ran into Clark on our campus. A ’06 Helping Up Mission grad who works in the city, he stops by frequently. HUM is an ongoing part of his recovery network.

Clark joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in January 2005, really needing some things to change in his life — and getting clean from drugs and alcohol was only one part.

He got clean and developed some meaningful spiritual connections with God. And, since he was here and wanted to be a different guy, Clark also committed himself to earn his high school diploma in our Learning Center on campus.

When he moved away 18 months later — as a HUM grad — Clark also took his State of Maryland High School diploma with him! He was also employed full-time at a local hospital.

Now living closer to work, even though he stops by HUM often, I haven’t seen him much over these past 9 years and didn’t really know how things were going — so it was great catching up when we connected this week.

He’s still there at the hospital…now a supervisor in his department. Today, Clark loves God, enjoys his life, likes his job and is grateful for all the things he has.

This is why I come to work every day!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director