November 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

I wish for you the very best during this Thanksgiving holiday season. There is a lot of negativity (drugs, crime, homicides) in our city culture that we could focus on that could poison our spirit of gratefulness. But, the HUM family chooses to focus upon helping people up who are living in despair and promoting the best of human character qualities. We are a positive large and growing family of people made up of 500 program members and their families; 70 staff members and interns; hundreds of volunteers; strategic partner organizations and tens of thousands of active donors. Together, we are pouring out our love and wellness to bring wellbeing back into our city while observing fantastic results in transformed lives.

It’s been my experience, having worked with the HUM family for over 21 years, that people who are genuinely grateful to God for all of his gifts tend to also be great helpers of others. So, I can confidently ask you again to give generously this Thanksgiving season. And, to channel some of your giving to Helping Up Mission. Your prayers and financial gifts will absolutely help heal the broken lives of 500 men in a life crisis and their families including approximately 350 children. It’s impossible to measure the full impact of the HUM family’s giving. But, assuredly, our combined generosity is transforming the lives of broken men and building a better Baltimore.

Thank you for helping during this Thanksgiving season!

With Gratitude,

Robert K. Gehman